Welcome to Circle M Therapeutic Farms! 

The mission of Circle M Therapeutic Farms is to improve the lives of children, adults, and military families with physical, intellectual, and emotional disabilities through the power of Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT), outdoor sports, and agricultural-based enrichment and educational programming.

Located on 30 peaceful acres in Portland, Tennessee, Circle M Therapeutic Farms offers a broad range of programming, with a focus on AAT, specifically, equine therapy. Horseback riding is recognized as one of the more modern and progressive forms of therapy. It provides physical, emotional, social, educational, and behavioral benefits to participants. At Circle M Therapeutic Farms, we utilize well-trained horses to provide therapy, education, sport, and recreation for individuals with physical, emotional, and developmental challenges. At Circle M Therapeutic Farms, we welcome individuals of all ages and skill levels to participate. 

Perhaps most noteworthy about Circle M Therapeutic Farms is that, thanks to the generous support of individuals, foundations, and corporations, we are proud to be able to offer all programming to the community free of charge.