My exploration of horsemanship came after learning about its ability to cultivate nonverbal communication and presence amongst leaders. While the University of Kentucky's research had focused on nursing, it was clear to me that improving these skills readily translated to my job as an Army Officer. The military requires leaders to project confidence and communicate clearly to accomplish our missions; however, these are not easy skills to develop. I started riding to enhance these skills and found each riding session taught me a great deal about my leadership style. One of the biggest challenges for me was becoming comfortable around horses having grown up in New York. 

Circle M Farm was able to not only create an environment where learning was possible; but, they ensured that I became increasingly comfortable with their animals. As someone new to horsemanship I was anxious about working with a new horse and trainers; but, that anxiety was eliminated the moment we started working. The staff was professional, motivated and supportive; and, the facilities were fantastic. It was a thrill to go from the riding pen to the arena in a matter of moments and get the chance to fine tune galloping and barrel racing. The best part was the feeling that you were part of a team that truly cared about horsemanship and my development as a rider. This is a wonderful place and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  

- 1st Lt. James Long